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5. Watermark for photos (UNCREDITED WORKS HURTS MUCHS)

6. Uhm, write?


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7. Sleepy pie.


Rosy Pie

Summer yey! Super random post.

Super random, super me. No reviews and no informational stuff because this post is all about me. Me Me Me Me.

Hey sorry I can’t update this blog consistently haha.

Anyway it’s my summer vacation yo. Got my activities lined up :> so much to do, so little time.

First off, I made a deal with my younger brother. If I don’t finish this piano piece (video) before my summer vacation ends, I’ll give him P5000. It’s to force me to finish this thing. So he’s happy at that and will make sure to check up on me by June. I need to finish this.

It’s from the movie “Requiem For A Dream“. It’s a very depressing high-rated movie. IMDB Link:ย

You see, my last new piece was 4 years ago (Kiss From A Rose) and before that, 2 years ago (Because I’m A Girl). In between those years are numerous print-outs of various unfinished songs. I badly need to finish what I started. Haha.

So currently I’m forcing myself to learn Adobe Illustrator and I don’t know why. Instead of 3DMax, Kerkythea, or other Architecture-related software, I stick to graphic design. Despite the necessity to prepare myself for thesis this year. Oh why.

When I finish with these tutorials, I’ll spiff up this blog with my own graphics. Ooh look at the two backgrounds that I used they aren’t even in harmony. This blog lacks a central theme. Haha. Anyway I don’t care it’s just you friends. ๐Ÿ˜›

I still have this secret business to take care of. Also learn about the stock market through Citisec and my kuya. Going back to traditional arts and think of painting something. Ooh and more stuff to do.

Two semesters of college left. After 7 years of college, I’m nearing the end. 7 years. ๐Ÿ˜ Dat nursing. What did I retain from Nursing? I still know the 10 major pulse points of the body because of the song that Dr. Leocadio (handsome CI) taught us. Hmm what else. Sponge bath. Lulz.

People at the Dean’s office ruined my plan to stay in a different section every semester by making me a regular student. I planned before to know everyone in every section in the whole batch. Ultimate irregular student! Then I can sum up what makes a section great or lousy and I’d be credible to conclude the best section there is. But having stayed in 4 out of the 8 sections already, I conclude that all sections are great but all still have their ownย topaks.

I end my blog posts like a boss, like this.

DESIGN Update 2

I really should organize my blog better.. messy titles, messy tags, and I realized recently, a messy look. I’ll give this a makeover when school is over in a few weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚

So I got a hundred for my work! Yay! Here it is all smoothly printed out. It costs P150 to print it out.


But I only got 87 for my research. Hihi! Blehh.

Oh pooh!

So with that esquisse behind, the professor gave us a new one last Thursday. It was, again, supposed to be done in the room and submitted in 4 hours but scumbag professor made us take it home again since there were still many who weren’t finished yet. I’m pissed because I focused on reaching the 5pm deadline, thereby losing quality of work, just to make it on time. Oh well at least I get to edit this haphazard work.

Oy yeah a standard, normal-looking building

The exercise was to make a key plan (just lines and no doors/windows/details as opposed to a floor plan) of the typical floors of our condominium. And based on that typical plan, an exterior perspective of the building should be shown. I’m not that fond of designing tall buildings.. so.. blehh. I’m currently working on the esquisse now because again, he allowed us to use the computer. He required a floor plan now.

Pasting my previous work together to form a typical floor plan.

The plan is finished. I’m rendering the exterior perspective now in another program, Revit. Powerful computer should be powerful for these numerous programs.

The rendering process. You leave the computer to work for this duration.

The picture shows the program rendering the thing. Before that, I made this shape and that shape and it’s actually complicated. My writing doesn’t do any of my work justice. It’s really hard work. Yeah.. hard work. Haha. So there, during the render stage, I’m free to write here and do other assignments for other subjects. I’d elaborate but I feel that it’s too academic now. Currently it’s 41% at 30minutes. That’s fast because the thingy that I did is just simple. When the final structure is done, it’s.. a different story. Hellish. I think I’ll elaborate more when I’m on that stage. In 2 weeks or so, by March 19 (deadline of this plate).

But anyway, here’s a picture of what we’re studying in BT5 (Building Technology 5) now.

Steel truss detail

It’s just one of many details that we need to study. Not that I’m being sexist or anything but yeah actually I’m being sexist. These are guy stuff. All BT professors in the college are dudes and no dudette teaches this thigamajig. I don’t want anything to do with those connections and whatnot. Haha. But I’ve learned and survived it and it comes with the course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I really, really think it’s getting boring with me documenting this progress with my Design plate. But sometimes I’m enjoying it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope I can keep up because I can feel our “hell week” coming near. It’s when I lose contact with other aspects of life except academics and architecture. Haha. Vector art will really have to wait until school break.

That’s all for today. I’d write more but I have to go to mass now. ๐Ÿ™‚

Vector Art

I’ve seen vector art for many years but I just say ‘ooh’ and appreciate it but I suddenly wanted to make one today. So I tried it in Photoshop but I think Adobe Illustrator is the program for this. I don’t know a thing about that program. I even think it’s the first time I really heard about it. It’s kinda easy but time-consuming. Or because I still don’t know the techniques and shortcuts.

Gotta cover that up haha

Of course I tried it on my face. I worked on it for 2 hours but I stopped now. I think I’ll finish it another day when I’m REALLY free to do non-academic stuff. I was scheduled to do school stuff but immediate interest led me to that. And maybe I’ll find out a bit more about Adobe Illustrator. ๐Ÿ™‚


So like I said, I passed the requirements last Monday. Printing those stuff cost me around P400. Tomorrow we’re to do more esquisses. The submisson of the whole plate is on March 19, which is less than 3 weeks from now. It may seem like a long time but it’s really not. I should start making the floor plans.. but my vector art is still unfinished.. haha. Vector will have to hold for now.




Finally, I am going to post something about architecture. I haven’t done it because I think people will find it boring. I shall now take you through to one of the many journeys that I have traveled (lolx). This is for my non-architecture friends who are curious about what I really do.

Every semester in the one major subject, Design, we have two major plates (we used to have three in the old curriculum). “Plates” are simply projects. I don’t know why they gave it that term.. could have been forks or something. I will try to do my second plate with WordPress and try to make things interesting to my readers (???). For this second plate, we are given a 70-80 Story Commercial-Residential Condominium project. The given site is located at Makati, just beside Ayala Triangle. I like this site because it’s just a 10-minute ride to me, unlike previous sites where we had to go to Subic, Marikina, etc., to get the most information available.

This plate was just given last week so now, we’re still in the research process. On Monday, our Research Paper is due and some stuff included there would be Makati land zoning information, Space Programming (we have to compute how big spaces would be), pictures, site analysis, and other boring stuff.

So yesterday, I went to the site, currently a parking lot, and took pictures.

Gabriela Silang parking. The new Zuellig building is almost invisible at the background.

We usually do site visits in groups but I wanted to buy groceries after so I went alone. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Nah haha I like being alone. Ayala, like The Fort, is a very walkable place with the wide sidewalks and underpasses. If the whole country’d be like this, there’d be less traffic as people will find walking comfortable.

Along the project, the professor also gives esquisses.ย I don’t know why again but esquisses are just assignments. Okay I just googled it now ย and it says:

n.1.(Fine Arts)ย The first sketch of a picture or model of a statue.

Hmm whatever. Pretentious Architecture likes using fancy words for simple terms. We don’t color, we render. ย Oh pshh.

The current esquisse is to make a layout for condominium units. It was supposed to be submitted on the same day (Design subject is 4 hours long) but there were many who aren’t finished yet so the professor allowed us to take it home. We were doing it manually at school but he allowed us to use the computer, so I did.


First off, I plotted it in AutoCAD. We were asked to do layouts for a studio unit, a 1-BR unit, a 2-BR unit, and a 3-BR unit. I had a hard time because of the small area given and because of the washing machine. Some units that I saw on the internet have it in the kitchen, some in a washroom, and others in a maid’s room, right beside her bed. The first thing she’d be doing when she wakes up is to wash clothes? What insult! lolx,,,

After that’s done, I loaded it into Impression. The last time I used this program was around 2 years ago since we really don’t color– oh excuse me, render— our floor plans. Even in presenting theses, the floor plans are usually left black and white. It’s only rendered when presented in brochures I guess.ย Impression is a headache at first but once you get it, it’s just like Paint. And color-by-numbers.

Autodesk Impression

After finishing it, I used Photoshop this time. Just to add some blue stuff and my name.

Oh yeah pretty colors.

Ta-da, my esquisse is done. I’ll have it printed on the required 15″x20″ paper before Design class on Monday. Since it’s only an esquisse, it’s done on a small paper. The major plate is usually done on a 20″x30″ paper.

And that concludes why I’m always on the computer and have a Hunchback of Notre Dame on my back. Before college, I wanted to take up Digital Arts but I didn’t want to be always on the computer so I didn’t pursue it. Look at me now. ๐Ÿ˜

Here’s a random picture of something colorful. I bought this yesterday because I was curious and I also love nougats. It’s yummy but I wouldn’t buy it again. It’s kinda expensive too for some 12 pieces.


That’s all. Update next week. ๐Ÿ™‚

Grainy Amethyst Nail Polish

I saw this new kind of nail polish (well at least to me it’s new) and curiosity led me to buy it. It’s grainy. Nothing much to elaborate here. ๐Ÿ˜€

with flash

It’s grainy. It’s rough. It’s glittery. I can’t elaborate any more than that hahaha!

without flash

I like this brand of nail polish, Chic. It’s cheap at P42.00 and it’s not bad.


It’s easier to apply than any other polish because the “graininess” eliminates the usually visible stroke marks. I’m liking it since it’s not as shiny as the regular one. I’m not liking the color much though. I think I’ll buy the blue one the next time I go by Watson’s.

That’s all! I just showed off the nails! Hihi!